Ring of Kerry

Ring of Kerry
Between Killarney and Kenmare

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2: Am I in prison?

Minor freak out. Why are all the other writers so diligent and quiet? They all seem to be hunkered down in their bunkers - in my case a small room with a table and chair adjoining my modest bedroom, looking out over a delightful garden - working away studiously. Am I the only one with ADD?
Usual modus operandi when writing fiction is to set myself a manageable goal - such as, OK I'll write 5 scenes - and then I'll make a cup of tea. Or OK, I'll map out five scenes and then have a cup of tea, or OK I'll go for a brisk walk and then I'll read some more and then I'll have a think and then I'll have a cup of tea.
This results in some writing, some pondering, lots of gazing out the window and lots of peeing.
Being confined to bedroom-cum-study overlooking pretty garden feels too stifling.
Have resolved to take laptop downstairs into delightful roomy loungeroom or sitting room tomorrow to push on.
I wrote eight pages today - in fact, developed a sub-plot which involves two young people falling in love and then having their hearts broken as circumstances force them apart. The sub-plot intersects with the major narrative plot at the denouement and also (I think) will end the film. So, in fact, I might have written the final scene of the film today. Very moving - tears. Dinner time now. More writing tonight (I hope). By the way, writers have approved my playing of the banjo (quietly) in the evening. Hoorah!


A Melbourne Girl said...

More peeing! Love it!

Keep plucking away at that Banjo...go girl

QTMusic said...

Good to get updates on your blog. Sounds like such an inspiring place to write (and play the banjo of course). Oli and I took the dogs for a walk yesterday. Eliza is crashed on the couch as I write this, feeling very under the weather with fever and sore throat. Will she get up and make it to work at 2? Maybe if I keep giving her herb tea x